Our logistics management services will save you money. By recommending program and project management strategies to reduce your costs and decrease your risks, we provide the optimal value-for-money solution you need. And, accordingly, our clients tell us repeatedly that we offer more value than any of our competitors.


Practice makes perfect. In logistics, like everything else, experience matters. PROVEN was founded 8 years ago by industry-tested professional move management experts. Our team has supported more than 30,000 tenants in the Mid-Atlantic region.


The PROVEN team can ramp quickly to accommodate short notice contracts. We are agile, responsive and committed to addressing the unique needs of each client’s situation. We are fast, efficient, budget-conscious, and masters at mitigating risk.


We provide a fixed price for the customized scope of service you request. Our contracts are fully transparent and easy to understand. We won’t “nickel and dime you,” or charge you for services you don’t need. And, as long as the contract requirements do not change, then the price we start the project with will be the price you pay. When we say ‘fixed price’, we mean ‘fixed price.’ Our job is to make yours easier and we take that responsibility seriously.


“Getting it Right” is our responsibility – not yours! This philosophy applies to all aspects of your project, from beginning to end! When you hire us, we’ll be your advocate, your navigator, and an extension of your team. And, we know from experience, that as a result of our responsible accountability, we will develop a long-lasting relationship. We earn our clients trust and are highly respected for our ongoing commitment to each client and project we take on.


Our contracts are structured so that we assume the price, quality and time risks of every project. You hire PROVEN to provide your organization with the support services required to minimize risk, reduce stress, and limit business disruption. To do things right, we incent our management to comprehensively plan projects, proactively identify potential challenges, creatively address issues and communicate openly so that you can just relax and watch the magic happen.