Department of Interior- US Fish and Wildlife Service


PROVEN provided all personnel, equipment, tools, materials and technical expertise required to disassemble and remove all equipment, data cabling/wires, supplies etc. from the Fish and Wild service’s three large vacated office buildings in Arlington, Va. We also provided the repair work and cleaning necessary for lease termination. PROVEN 100% effectively managed contracted vendors, project schedule and surplus opportunities to effectively efficiently meet all client objectives to include repurposing and/or donating all reusable assets, products and materials removed from the three locations.


Oversaw and performed the movement of 100% of all Government property and designated items, etc., as indicated. Provided Packing Materials on schedule as requirements and pre-negotiated. Ensured 100% of all equipment will be disassembled, labeled, inventoried, tracked, and relocated. Ensured 100% Accountability of all items designated for relocation which resulted in ZERO (0) losses. Activates were executed with no delay or schedule impact. 100% on time delivery for all deliverables. Adjusted our schedule daily to meet the changes daily of GSA and FWS. Deliver the leased spaces back to GSA 100% accurate...the first time.