Department of Health & Human Services- DRMO Equipment Disposal


Created a master moving plan, Coordinated and executed the pickup and 100% on time delivery of IT Equipment to various DRMO locations within the Centennial USA. This scope included the coordination of 35 locations nationwide with multiple points of contract and various vendors. PROVEN held weekly conference calls on the project status with the government and move vendors. Follow up each week on deliveries made and scheduled deliveries for the following week. Provide letters from each DRMO delivery to government POC stating each delivery was complete and delivered to specified location.


100% completed ahead of schedule with ZERO (0) service failure. 100% of all Government property and designated items were moved as indicated. Ensured 100% of all equipment will be disassembled, labeled, inventoried, tracked, relocated, reassembled and tested. All activities were executed with no delay or schedule impact as well as 100% on time delivery for all deliverables.