Equipment Retiring: Office Furniture Recycling, Donation and Disposal

While it is not something most businesses think about, there are times when you have to get rid of unnecessary furniture. If you move into a new office, if your company downsizes or even if total liquidation is necessary, you must do something with your excess office furniture. Our PROVEN Management team can help you with all of your office furniture decommissioning needs. When you have office furniture that is new or gently used, we don’t want to see it end up in a landfill. We offer a range of furniture recycling solutions: donations, reuse, resale, restoration and finally disposal by recycling. We successfully recycle office desks, chairs, 4-drawer filing cabinets, storage cabinets, metal cabinets, bookshelves, computers, printers, servers and other equipment used in your office. If disposal is necessary, we will use environmentally sound landfills and recycle as much product as possible.

Decommissioning services include:

  • Disassembling or dismantling the furniture to be decommissioned
  • Completing an inventory of your excess office furnishings
  • Photographing all product to be decommissioned
  • Furniture & equipment packing and loading for transportation
  • Warehousing and offsite storage
  • Broom-cleaning of decommissioned space
  • File storage and shredding
  • Office furniture resale
  • Product wear evaluation and employee or open market sale recommendations
  • Asset sale advertising
  • Recycling all furniture that cannot be re-used or re-manufactured. *NOTE: We use highly specialized and fully audited recycling companies.



ReuseWhile your office may be relocating, you may have other departments of your company (or within your office building) that could benefit from the office furniture that you are no longer using. We’ll select your “gently used” office furniture, shelving, cabinets, etc. that can be repurposed for their offices, conferences rooms, team rooms or common areas. This repurposing of your furniture assets has a tremendous “eco-friendly / green” benefit for everyone by preventing the materials from going into a landfill and will help stretch your facilities budget.



donate-furniture-to-charity-236x230Another option is donating your office furniture to a charity. Contact us to learn more about how we can coordinate your donation(s) of furniture and/or computer equipment to the charitable organization of your choice.