Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a move manager?

Think about the stress of moving your household. Now multiply it exponentially. Moving organizations is complicated, stressful and risky. When the process isn’t managed correctly, things break/disappear, people get hurt, timelines slip, budgets expand, and workflow is heavily disrupted.

Very few companies have the specialized expertise required to manage corporate moves in-house. PROVEN’s team does this professionally. And, if we dare say so ourselves, we do it better than anyone else.

What’s the advantage of engaging PROVEN early?

By engaging PROVEN early in your planning process we can help you select vendors, identify potential issues such as space plan discrepancies, storage or decommissioning needs, external requirements such as municipal permitting, or especially in the DC region, road/traffic restrictions. Let our team help yours plan for a move that is seamless, painless, efficient and successful. Engage us early so we can help you avoid all of the common pitfalls, road bumps, delays and derailments likely to threaten your effort.

What size job would PROVEN consider is small?

The PROVEN team manages moves of all sizes. From small 10 person, 1 day efforts to highly complex 10-year transitions, our team provides value on the ground and in your budget. Contact us to discuss your needs so we can help you scope an affordable solution that makes life, and work, easier for the transition ahead.

What makes PROVEN unique?

PROVEN is a small local women and minority-owned business that competes effectively with the largest firms in the industry. We are known for managing some of the most complex moves in the industry and we support clients such as the US Department of Defense, the Federal Trade Commission, the US General Services Administration and commercial companies of all sizes nationally. We are deeply experienced and highly specialized and our team is cross-trained and professionally certified to a level that far exceeds the capabilities and credentials of our competition. We hand-pick the jobs we take, passionately execute every single project, and hand hold every single client until we all agree the effort was a complete and total success.

How do I prepare my team for the moving process?

It’s simple, call us. We’ll provide the tools, training, guidance and support you need every step of the way. Contact us here.