Accurate Asset Management Is Critical to Success

Whether you are moving your office to a different floor in the same building or moving to an entirely new campus, accurate asset management will be critical to your project success. PROVEN offers a comprehensive turnkey service to help clients manage stored assets safely, effectively and efficiently under one roof.

Asset Management for Your Office Furniture & Equipment


Step 1: Our expert project managers will visit your office to get a full understanding of the scope of your project and your data capture and inventory tracking requirements.

Step 2: PROVEN will conduct a full audit of your assets and cross-reference our findings with any data your company may already have stored in other systems (i.e. HR databases, facilities records, etc.). Note: this step is completed outside of normal business hours so as to minimize workforce disruption.

Step 3: Each of your items will be tagged and discretely labeled with its own individual barcode before being scanned and auto-uploaded to your database.

Storage Solutions

office-furniture-storageIf you need off-site storage, additional distribution space or you are working to keep property overhead costs under control, then PROVEN’s document, equipment and distribution services may just have the solution you’ve been searching for.

PROVEN’s storage management solutions offer guaranteed savings over in-house and self-storage facility solutions, and include strict security and confidentiality quality controls.

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